Trail Training Day – June 24th


Welcome to Five Star Ranch!

Five Star Ranch was started in 1986 by Gail Cook. Gail was just 16 years old. It has been an amazing part of her life. Some of Gail’s greatest accomplishments and largest sorrows were found in the heart of Five Star.

After 10 years of thinking about the new direction of Five Star. We have decided that becoming a private facility was the one that was the right fit.

As of October 2014 Five Star Ranch is a Private Facility.

What does this mean for all of our five-star boarders and students?

  • We remain a boarding facility with a small group of Borders
  • We  offer limited lessons to a core group of students
  •  Summer camp programs, Trail ride’s, birthday parties, will no longer be offered as of October 2014
  • The store will continue to have a small selection of the everyday necessities.
  • Clinic’s will be offered throughout the year, including trainers such as Stacy Westfall
  • Boarders and Part Boarders will be able to have guests rent horses to ride with them




Gail Cook