Trail Rides

Five Star Ranch will no longer be offering trail rides as of October 2014. If you have a Groupon with a later expiry please try to book before this time. We will honor any Groupons until the final expiry date.

Join us for a walk/jog trail on one of our many seasoned trail horses and ride through trails lined with trees on open fields and marsh land accented with beautiful wildlife.

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Booking Your Trail Ride

Trail ride cost per person: $40+ HST.

Maximum Number of Trail Riders: 4 people

Trail Ride Schedule

Sundays:  10am, 11:30am, 1:30pm & 2:30pm

All riders must arrive 30 min before their scheduled riding time.

Please dress according to Five Star Ranch’s approved guidelines for required riding equipment to ensure you are able to go on your trail ride.

Required Riding Equipment:

Riding Helmet (ASTM approved) Provided by Five Star at no additional charge
Boots with 1/2 inch heel

*At Five Star we have limited sizes of footware. Although we do have a few pairs of boots on hand we are unable to supply boots to all riders. 

Please contact us to book your trail ride.

Trail Ride Frequently Asked Questions

Are your trails guided?

Our trail rides at Five Star Ranch are led by an experienced trail guide, proficient in both riding and horsemanship. At least one guide will go out with your group. While out on the trail, feel free to ask your guide any questions you have about our horses, basic horsemanship, and about the other programs that we offer.

How old do riders need to be to go on a trail ride at Five Star Ranch?

Our trail rides are suitable for individuals aged 10 and older. This is the industry standard, and unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions. If you have a child under 10 who is looking to ride, we can arrange an on-property arena ride instead. Riders under the age of 18 must also arrive at our facility with an adult.

How long are your trail rides?

Currently, we only offer trail rides that are 1 hour in length.

What riding experience do you need to have to attend a trail ride?

All of our trail rides are suitable for beginner riders – our trail guides will provide all riders will instruction on basic control of the horse. We only walk and jog on the trail.  More experienced riders still have a great time on our trail rides, but we do not currently offer anything exclusively for a more-advanced riding level.

What do we need to bring when attending a trail ride?

Please ensure that you wear long pants when arriving for your trail ride, and dress appropriately for the weather conditions outside, as we will ride in most weather! Also, ensure that you wear a shoe or boot with a 1/2 inch heel. You are also welcome to bring your own helmet if you would like to wear one (mandatory for children under the age of 18).

Is a helmet required?

A helmet is mandatory for children under the age of 18. While we do recommend that adults 18 and over wear a helmet, this is optional. Helmets are available to borrow at no cost at Five Star Ranch.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice if you will be unable to attend your scheduled trail ride. Please contact our office to notify us of your cancellation, and we can arrange an alternate riding time.

What if there is bad weather?

We ride in most weather conditions. However, if the weather or trail conditions are unsuitable for a ride, we will contact you prior to your trail ride in order to arrange an alternate riding time. In inclement weather conditions that make it dangerous for our clients to arrive at Five Star Ranch, we may also choose to cancel your trail. If you have not heard from us regarding a cancellation, please arrive at the scheduled time as we will still be taking the trail out as planned!

How large is the group of trail riders?

Our trails are arranged to include no more than 4 riders per group, plus the trail guide. If you would like to book a larger party, please do so in advance to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

Can a couple ride by themselves?

We cannot guarantee that your party will ride alone, as we will book to the maximum number of riders when a trail ride is scheduled. If you would like to try and take a private ride, we recommend booking during the off-season (as we get fewer riders over the winter months), or during a weekday afternoon time slot. However, there is still a chance that other riders will be present.

Can riders choose their own horses? What types of horses are available?

Our seasoned trail horses that will be matched with the experience and temperament of the rider. Quarter horses and Canadians are part of our herd at Five Star Ranch, and are frequently taken out on our trail rides. If you have a specific request for a horse that you’re familiar with, or a horse of a specific size, please let us know when you book your trail ride and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please also ensure that on the day of the trail ride you address any questions or concerns you may have about your horse with one of our staff members.

Are your horses English or Western?

Five Star Ranch is predominantly a Western facility, however, we have horses with experience and training in both. For our trail rides, we use Western saddles and tack. Riders will also appreciate the nice smooth jog of many of our Western trained horses!

How do I pay with my Groupon (or other online offer)?

Please provide your Groupon or offer number when booking your trail ride, and ensure that you bring a copy of your offer when you arrive for your trail ride.